North Florida Flooding Triggers Order to Lift Cattle Truck Weights

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This just in from the Florida Cattlemen’s Association over the weekend: Due to Flooding in North Florida an Emergency Executive Order has been put in place that lifts weight restriction on Cattle trucks. This allows trucks to run at 95,000 lbs in Florida. The trucks driver must have the attached documents in their possession. This Order is in place for two weeks beginning April 9, 2009.
Please find attached the Flood Emergency Permit Letter (09-81), along with the following documents related to the Supplemental Order to Executive Order (09-81), inlcuding: Supplemental Order to Executive Order 09-81; the Supplemental Emergency Order (09-81) ; and TTT Map #1 (Truck and Tractor Trailer Map #1). (NOTE: This map file is large, nearly 5MB). The Permit Letter should be used in conjunction with the Truck and Tractor Trailer Map #1 for overweight vehicles only. These files are also available to the public and will be able to be viewed at the following link –