John Deere Drive Green Event Underway

Randall Weiseman Citrus, Florida, General, Livestock, Nursery Crops, Specialty Crops

John Deere’s program designed to give rural property owners, agricultural producers and other interested consumers a chance to operate and ask questions about the latest models of utility and compact utility tractors is underway across Florida. Their Drive Green Program includes special equipment displays and ride-and-drives at 4 locations across the state this week. One took place in Middleberg Wednesday while Gainesville was the site of today’s event.
Eric Hodson
I talked with Eric Hodson, Senior Public Relations Writer for John Deere who is pictured on one of the demonstration tractors set up at the Drive Green event in Gainesville.
Bob Dyar and Randall Weiseman
I also talked with Bob Dyar, a territory manager for John Deere, who is very excited about the new lineup of tractors.

There are two more events this week in Florida with one Friday, December 5th at Everglades Farm Equipment, in Okeechobee and Saturday, December 6th at the Tampa State Fairgrounds, sponsored by Highland Tractor. To learn more about the new lineup of tractors and implements, click here: