Alltech World Equestrian Games 2010

Randall Weiseman Equine, Florida, General, Livestock

Alltech TeamWe at Southeat AgNet were honored to be invited to the celebration of the partnership of the World Equestrian Games and Alltech Equine Products. I, Nicholle Saylor, participated in the event on behalf of our company. Being of the equine industry I understand the importance this partnership will bring to Florida as participants gather in our state to condition their mounts for this spectacular event. The Alltech World Eqestrian Games will be held at the Kentucky Horse Park in 2010 and will be broadcast live on the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) as well as NBC. Spectators will enjoy athletes and horses from several different disaplines ranging from dressage and eventing to reining and even Para-Equestrian. Theses events will spread over 16 days of extraordinary competiton ending in eight world championships. For details on this exciting partnership and tickets to the World Equestrian Games visit Alltech Equine Products and FEI World Equestrian Games.

Good luck to Alltech and all the exhibitors, owners and horses participating in this wonderful event!