Livestock Groups Petition Department of Transportation for Hours of Service Flexibility

Dan Cattle, Industry News Release, Livestock

Organizations representing livestock, bee, and fish haulers across the country submitted a petition to the Department of Transportation (DOT) requesting additional flexibility on Hours of Service (HOS) requirements. The petition asks for a five-year exemption from certain HOS requirements for livestock haulers and encourages DOT to work with the livestock industry to implement additional fatigue-management practices. Current rules limit drive time to …


LMA President Discusses SALE Act

Dan Cattle, Livestock

The Livestock Marketing Association (LMA) is applauding the introduction of the Securing All Livestock Equitably (SALE) Act, H.R. 4058, by Congressman Roger Marshall of Kansas. LMA President, Jerry Etheridge from Montgomery, Alabama, says the SALE Act would help provide sellers of livestock with payment protection during dealer payment defaults. LMA President Discusses SALE Act