Hurricane Michael Devastates Cotton Crop in Georgia

Taylor Hillman Cotton, Weather

On the afternoon/night of October 10th and the early hours of October 11th, Hurricane Michael wreaked havoc on the southwest, central, and parts of east Georgia and took an exceptional toll on Georgia’s agricultural economy, especially the cotton crop.  Producers are reporting losses anywhere from 25% to a total loss, depending on location in the state, as well as structural …

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U.S. Cotton Exports and Demand Still Good

Dan Cotton, Exports/Imports

While the trade war with China continues, some wonder how it is affecting U.S. cotton exports to that country. Dr. Jody Campiche, Vice President of Economics and Policy Analysis for the National Cotton Council (NCC), looks at exports for U.S. cotton and notes what impacts the tariffs have had on demand. U.S. Cotton Exports and Demand Still Good


Florence Washing Away Cotton and Tobacco Crops

Dan Corn, Cotton, Industry News Release, Soybeans, Weather

The record-setting and still-rising floodwaters of Hurricane Florence are wreaking havoc on cotton and tobacco crops in the Carolinas. North Carolina Farm Bureau spokesperson Lynda Loveland says it’s going to take some time to get an accurate picture of the damage to flooded tobacco, cotton, corn, soybean, and sweet potato fields because they’re still flooded. Bloomberg says it’s going to …

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NCC on Support for Cotton Growers

Dan Cotton, Exports/Imports, Trade

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced details for their tariff mitigation plan to help farmers and ranchers in response to the retaliatory tariffs other countries have put in place against U.S. agricultural exports. Reece Langley, Vice President of Washington Operations for the National Cotton Council (NCC), has more information on how the program will work for U.S. cotton growers. …