USDA Releases 2018 Planting Estimates

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While some planters are already working in Texas, the Corn Belt seems a long way away from planting because of snow and ice. However, the USDA is already thinking about planting. During the Agricultural Outlook Forum in Arlington, Virginia, the U.S. Department of Agriculture released its acreage estimates for 2018. The USDA says corn and soybean acres will be split, …


Mexico Buying More Brazilian Corn as NAFTA Negotiations Continue

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Mexico purchased ten times more corn from Brazil last year than it had previously. Reuters says that’s due to the uncertainty regarding the potential outcome of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) negotiations. Mexican government data and top grain merchants all say they fear supply disruption from the U.S. if the White House ever followed through on its threat …

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Agri View: Feral Hog Problem Over?

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Everett Griner talks about what is being considered as the last measure to solve the Feral Hog problem in today’s Agri View. Feral Hog Problem Over? Well, the feral hog problem is over. Wouldn’t that be a marvelous headline across the country? But it isn’t. In fact, it gets worse. It is so bad until those trying to stop it …

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USDA February WASDE Report

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The latest monthly World Agriculture Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report from the Department of Agriculture shows lower estimated soybean exports for the 2017-18 crop year. USDA lowered soybean exports by 60 million bushels to 2.1 billion bushels. The U.S. season-average soybean price range for 2017/18 is projected at $8.90 to $9.70 per bushel, unchanged from the previous report. USDA …

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CME Group Mulling Changes to Corn and Soy Contracts

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CME Group is mulling potential changes to corn and soybean markets to address concerns the contracts’ prices are not accurately reflecting the underlying U.S. cash grain markets. Reuters reports that CME Group says it is “only in listening mode,” and that no changes are permanent. CME Group has been talking with customers about potential adjustments, as the discussions signal a …


Cornyn Drawing Up RFS Overhaul Legislation

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Texas Republican John Cornyn is drawing up legislation to overhaul the Renewable Fuels Standard. It’s his attempt to end the disagreement between corn-state lawmakers and oil-patch legislators. Cornyn’s office has been hosting talks for several months on altering the nation’s biofuels program and come up with a variety of policy ideas, although they haven’t narrowed down any of the choices …

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Farm Futures Releases 2018 Planting Intentions Survey Results

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Farm Futures magazine recently released its survey of 2018 planting intentions, which shows that farmers aren’t quite ready to make major changes to their crop rotations. However, they are going to plant more of what paid best in 2017. For the first time since 1983, farmers want to plant more soybeans than corn. Back then, the government’s PIK program idled …


Growing Corn like a Champ

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Setting a new world National Corn Growers Association record in 2017 with a yield of more than 542 bushels per acre, Charles City, Virginia corn grower David Hula says there is no one “silver bullet” to big crops, but there are a few things producers should pay attention to. Watch After selecting your hybrid, Hula says the next most important …


Maximizing Yield While Not Adding Costs

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In corn, yield is still king, but how can producers get more bang for their buck? At the recent NC Commodities Conference, North Carolina State Extension Corn Specialist Dr. Ron Heiniger shared four keys to multiplying corn yields without adding costs. Dr. Heiniger’s first point was proper placement of fertilizers and nutrients around the plant. Placement He adds there’s another …