Japan, Russia, and Turkey Talk Potential Trade Retaliation

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The World Trade Organization says Japan, Russia, and Turkey have all warned the United States about possible trade retaliation for U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. An Agriculture Dot Com article says those tariffs would up the total U.S. tariff bill around the world to $3.5 billion annually. The three countries recently notified the World Trade Organization of their …


Cargill Still Concerned About Likelihood of Trade War

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Cargill remains concerned that the U.S. and China trade discussions will escalate into a trade war. In Comments sent to U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, Cargill officials say the tariffs proposal by the U.S. targeting China will “not effectively advance the goal of addressing distortive trade practices,” according to Reuters. Cargill sent a five-page letter to Lighthizer as the USTR …


Equipment Groups Release Policy Survey Results

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In April, the Equipment Dealers Association and the Association of Equipment Manufacturers surveyed their members about the impact of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and steel and aluminum tariffs on their businesses. Dealers and manufacturers were in consensus that the two most beneficial provisions of the tax legislation were the lower corporate tax rate and the favorable expensing provisions …


Trump Deal on China’s ZTE May Reduce Ag Tariff’s

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A possible agreement between President Trump and China that would relax penalties on a Chinese telecom company could ease the agriculture tariff threats. Trump is talking with China to ease restrictions on ZTE, a smartphone company that shut down major operating activities last week after Trump’s seven-year export ban stemming from trade violations. A source close to the talks says …


Canada, China, Talking Trade

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Canada and China are seeking a stronger trade relationship. The two countries have agreed to increase collaboration on agriculture, including expanding market access. The move is key to a trade target by Canada to grow global agriculture and food exports to $75 billion by 2025, according to Canadian Minister of Agriculture Lawrence MacAulay. Officials from Canada, including MacAulay, are in …


Trump Tariffs Impacting Manufactures, Ag and Beer Makers

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Ongoing trade disputes, along with President Trump’s tariff efforts are hurting U.S. consumers of steel and aluminum. Market fluctuations in prices are impacting the makers and builders of grain bins, metal building, farm equipment, and even the beer industry. The Beer Institute, which represents the brewing industry, calls the tariff on aluminum a $347 million tax on the U.S. beer …

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Farmers for Free Trade Report Highlights Damage from Chinese Retaliation

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Farmers for Free Trade released a new report that highlights the significant impact that Chinese retaliation from steel and aluminum tariffs will have on a number of U.S. industries. The report shows that many American commodities will be hit hard, including U.S. wine, almonds, walnuts, pork, cherry, and several other commodities. The report also says certain states’ economies will be …


ASA President Testifies to Congress Regarding Trade Tariffs

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The American Soybean Association President says retaliation by China against U.S. tariffs would undercut prices received by soybean farmers, and further hurt a depressed farm economy. Testifying to lawmakers Thursday, ASA President John Heisdorffer asked members of Congress to help soybean farmers “be part of the solution,” rather than “collateral damage.” Heisdorffer, an Iowa farmer, highlighted the importance of maintaining …

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Proposed Tariffs Realigning Soybean Trade

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The proposed tariffs on U.S. soybeans as part of the trade war beginnings between China and the U.S. is shifting trade habits. Trump announced the intention last week to seek $100 billion of tariffs on additional Chinese products, which comes after China announced intention of a 25 percent soybean tariff. Data from the Department of Agriculture Friday shows other nations …