Russia Selling 2.5 Million Acres to China for Soybean Production

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Soybeans were one of the first major casualties in the ever-escalating trade war between the U.S. and China. Russia is hoping to take advantage of the situation and cut deals with Chinese agribusinesses to make up for lost supply. The Washington Post says the Kremlin will offer roughly 2.5 million acres of arable land to foreign investors. Analysts are describing …


Japan, Russia, and Turkey Talk Potential Trade Retaliation

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The World Trade Organization says Japan, Russia, and Turkey have all warned the United States about possible trade retaliation for U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. An Agriculture Dot Com article says those tariffs would up the total U.S. tariff bill around the world to $3.5 billion annually. The three countries recently notified the World Trade Organization of their …


China Looking to Russia for Soybeans

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The world’s biggest importer of soybeans, China, almost tripled soybean purchases from Russia amid a growing trade dispute with the U.S. A Bloomberg report says Russia sold approximately 850,000 metric tons over the most recent twelve-month season. That compares to 340,000 tons sold during the previous period. China has already canceled several soybean purchases from the U.S. in anticipation of …


Russia Approves Bayer Acquisition of Monsanto

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Bayer announced another country has given its approval of the company’s purchase of Monsanto. A Dow Jones report says Russia has given conditional approval of Bayer’s $57 billion acquisition of Monsanto if the German company agrees to transfer certain technologies to Russian recipients. Under the approval terms, Bayer agreed to transfer molecular breeding assets in several crops for a period …

Productivity Growth and the Revival of Russian Agriculture

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by Nicholas Rada, William Liefert, and Olga Liefert, USDA Economic Research Service What Is the Issue? Russia’s agricultural output fell during the country’s transition from a planned to a market economy in the early 1990s but has rebounded strongly since the late 1990s. The production increase contributed to Russia reducing its large imports of meat and other livestock products and …