“Connect Americans Now” Formed to Improve Rural Broadband Access

Dan Industry News Release, Technology

A group of community leaders, rural advocates, and industry innovators have come together to form “Connect Americans Now.” Their goal is to work with the Federal Communications Commission and other policymakers to ensure that there is sufficient unlicensed broadband access in every market in the country. The end-goal is unlimited broadband connectivity by 2022. Richard Cullen, the executive director of …


Use a Whole Farm Management Program to Improve Efficiency

Dan Industry News Release, Technology

AgriEdge Excelsior® is a whole farm management program offered to Syngenta customers. Todd Hall is an AgriEdge® Specialist with Syngenta. He says the program is intended to help farmers run their operations more efficiently. A key component of this is its farm-management software. Software Growers that enroll in AgriEdge Excelsior get access to an exclusive farm-management software called Land.db®. Hall …

Solar Energy from Abandoned Groves or Cattle Ranch Property

Abbey Taylor Technology

By Tacy Callies Some growers have found their abandoned citrus groves “make the perfect property” for solar energy developments, says Michael Minton of Dean Mead law firm. Minton summarizes a presentation he made about solar energy opportunities for agriculturists at the recent Florida Agriculture Financial Management Conference, held in the Orlando area. “We have found the various utilities we’ve worked …

Folta Magnifies Teaching Message About Genetic Science for Farm Broadcasters

Tacy Education, Technology

By Gary Cooper In the opening address at the National Association of Farm Broadcasting (NAFB) convention this week, Kevin Folta, chair of the University of Florida’s Horticultural Sciences Department, filled the room. His audience consisted of broadcasters who air farm news daily on hundreds of radio and television stations, as well as on online media properties throughout the country. Well …


Senators Urge FCC To Ensure Affordable Rural Broadband Access

Dan Industry News Release, Technology

A bipartisan group of senators is urging the FCC to ensure access to affordable broadband in rural communities. Led by Senate Agriculture Chairman Pat Roberts, the group penned a letter the Federal Communications Commission Wednesday asking the FCC to “ensure its commitment to affordable and reliable broadband for consumers in the hardest to reach communities across rural America.” The senators …


New ARS Website Enhances Access to Scientific Information

Dan Industry News Release, Research, Technology

The Agricultural Research Service (ARS) launched a newly designed website that improves access to information about ARS research. The new site features mobile responsiveness allowing users to better navigate and view information on both mobile and desktop devices. ARS maintains scientific information stemming from research conducted by nearly 2,000 Federal scientists researching animal and crop health, human nutrition, food safety, …


AFBF Backs Timely Reg Review of Food Production Tools

Dan Industry News Release, Research, Technology

Coordinated federal review of advances in agricultural biotechnology will help America’s farmers and ranchers achieve gains in efficiency and productivity needed to meet the continued challenges of the 21st century, according to American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall. “American agriculture must stay on the cutting edge of technology,” Duvall said. “Agency collaboration and efficient government review of new food …