The EU Continues to Accept FL Citrus

Randall Weiseman Citrus, General

Although the US Department of Agriculture has banned Florida Citrus in some areas, the EU continues to accept the fruit.  Indian River Citrus League’s Doug Bournique feel confident in Florida’s products.  Report (1:59 wma)


Randall Weiseman Florida, General

CARES – the County Alliance for Responsible Environmental Stewardship – recently recognized thirty Suwannee River Basin farm producers for their exceptional natural resource management. Read about it on the Florida Farm Bureau website. Report (:55 wma)

Doha Talks Collapse

Randall Weiseman General

US negotiators come home empty handed from market access talks in Geneva. Report (:55 wma)

Golden Highway Anniversary

Randall Weiseman General

The Interstate Highway system is 50 years old and a caravan of vehicles celebrated the anniversary by driving cross country. Report (:55 wma)

June Dairy Month

Randall Weiseman Cattle, General

A dairy specialist discusses why June is Dairy Month and how much dairy we consume per person per year. Report (:55 wma)