dicamba damage

Webcast Outlines Proper Cleaning Procedures for Sprayer Systems

Dan Cotton, Industry News Release

Inadequate or improper cleaning of sprayer systems can often cause contamination issues and costly damage to plant foliage. A new Focus on Cotton webcast titled “Tank Cleaning” helps cotton growers, consultants, and other industry experts properly remove all unwanted residue from equipment and prevent the unintentional introduction of herbicides to sensitive or non-labeled cotton crops. This 29-minute talk by Fred …

peanut industry

Peanut Industry Needs to Adapt

Dan Peanuts

During a recent conference, one speaker noted the peanut industry needs to adapt to some new ways. Tyron Spearman has the story.      

drying sensor

New Drying Sensor for Peanuts

Dan Peanuts

A new peanut drying sensor network could make things easier for peanut growers and processors. According to a story from Tyron Spearman, the new sensor monitors temperatures and humidity levels inside semi-trailers and the kernel moisture content, and no one has to climb into the trailers to collect peanuts and check their moisture content. Image: ARS scientists developed a new moisture-monitoring …


Brazil, U.S., Set for Corn Selling Showdown

Dan Corn, Industry News Release

The world’s two biggest corn exporters are preparing for a showdown, according to Bloomberg. The United States and Brazil are set to square off in competition this growing season over corn exports as Brazil is in the middle of collecting the nation’s biggest corn harvest ever, and U.S. supplies remain plentiful from last years’ record harvest. Bloomberg says those conditions …