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Concerns for the Future of Corn

Clint Thompson Alabama, Corn, Florida, Georgia

There are some in our country that have concerns about the future of corn. Stephanie Ho has the story. And USDA Outlook Board Chairman, Mark Jekanowski, looks at USDA’s first official projections for the corn crop that’s being planted.

Commodity Prices Remain Low

Clint Thompson Alabama, Corn, Cotton, Field Crops, Florida, Georgia, Peanuts, Soybeans

By Clint Thompson Commodity prices for high value row crops hasn’t changed much recently, says Adam Rabinowitz, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Ag economist. The only positive is that prices have stopped decreasing. “There really has been little change on anything. The downward movement at least appears to be subsiding. But we’re not seeing any upward movement. I think that’s …

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Get Tested…Peggy Zone Tested!

Clint Thompson Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Peanuts

By Clint Thompson A potential gypsum shortage this year could impact the peanut farmer’s ability to apply calcium to their crop. University of Georgia Cooperative Extension soils and hydrology specialist Glen Harris encourages producers to sample their soil after the peanut plant emerges. This is done to see if the peanuts need gypsum at all. “We have a test where …


National Cotton Council Responds to Overcompensation Claim

Clint Thompson Alabama, Cotton, Florida, Georgia

The National Cotton Council (NCC) responded this week to a study out of Kansas State University that claimed U.S. cotton producers were overcompensated for trade damages incurred during the trade dispute between the U.S. and China. NCC Vice President of Economics and Policy Analysis Jody Campiche discusses the Council’s analysis and response to the study. For the NCC’s full analysis, …

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UGA Offers Peanut Planting Tips

Clint Thompson Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Peanuts

By Clint Thompson Peanut planting is well underway across the Southeast. Whether you are planting a crop in Alabama, Florida or Georgia, there are multiple factors to consider in hopes of producing high yields in the fall. University of Georgia (UGA) has some peanut planting tips. According to University of Georgia Peanut Production Guide, the ideal planting window extends through …


Lower Corn and Bean Prices in USDA May Reports

Clint Thompson Corn, Soybeans

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) released its May crop reports today, which indicates lower prices for both corn and soybeans. Rod Bain explains why the USDA made the downward price adjustment estimates compared to last month.

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Peanut Seed Germination Key Following Cold Snap

Clint Thompson Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Peanuts

By Clint Thompson Peanut seed in the ground during last weekend’s cold snap probably didn’t make any progress coming out of the ground, says University of Georgia Cooperative Extension peanut specialist Scott Monfort. “I expect no matter what, it slowed down anything that hadn’t come out of the ground yet,” Monfort said. Concerns mounted last week over whether farmers should …