Agri View: BFTP-The Development of Agritourism

Dan Agri View, Economy

As we continue the Blast From The Past Agri Views with Everett Griner, we pulled one out of the archives that still has meaning today. Everett looks into the development of agritourism. BFTP-The Development of Agritourism We have had several reports on the development of agritourism. Many farmers have started catering to tourist by offering family entertainment. Things like “pick …

family dog

Agri View: BFTP-The Farm Family Dog

Dan Agri View

Everett Griner first did this one many years ago. Beginning this series of Blast From the Past (BFTP) Agri Views, we thought we would start it off with a favorite of everyone. Everett talks about the farm family dog. BFTP-The Farm Family Dog There is at least on trophy or framed certificate in most farm homes awarded for outstanding accomplishments. …


Agri View: Farm Income Declined…Again

Dan Agri View, Economy

Everett Griner talks about this, the 4th consecutive year, farm income has declined in today’s Agri View. Farm Income Declined…Again The average farm income is expected to decline again this year. According to USDA, this is the fourth consecutive decline. One source put the loss at 16 thousand dollars per family. It doesn’t matter if it is soybeans or cattle. …


Agri View: America’s Roads Falling Apart

Dan Agri View

Everett Griner talks about America’s roads falling apart in today’s Agri View. America’s Roads Falling Apart The issue of our nation’s infrastructure falling apart goes back to the first Bush administration. Congress has not delivered any plan that would lead to an overhaul. Repairs are constantly being made. But, no wholesale effort to rebuild. It is especially a problem for …