Agri View: BFTP-The Development of Agritourism

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agritourismAs we continue the Blast From The Past Agri Views with Everett Griner, we pulled one out of the archives that still has meaning today. Everett looks into the development of agritourism.

BFTP-The Development of Agritourism

We have had several reports on the development of agritourism. Many farmers have started catering to tourist by offering family entertainment. Things like “pick your own pumpkin”, “pet a dosel goat”, “ride a horse-drawn carriage”, and then go home with a backseat full of healthy food and tired kids.

Well, now a South Dakota State University professor is offering a workshop for farmers who want to try this venture. Don’t you snicker at this. He says people will pay good money just to sit on your farm porch and watch the cows. They will even pay if you let them pitch a little hay or split a few blocks of wood.

You recon how many folks there are out there like this? Well, a couple of pitchforks and a rocking chair or two is all the investment necessary to find out.

I don’t think we will have to worry a great deal about this being a threat to our migrant labor force.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner…

(NOTE: The workshop mentioned in this program is no longer available.)