Europe’s Leading Livestock Event, Sommet de l’Elevage, Welcomes 95,000+ Professionals

Dan Cattle, Industry News Release

It was under a clear blue sky and blazing sunshine that the 27th edition of the SOMMET DE L’ELEVAGE came to an end. A more than satisfactory year for many reasons. On the one hand, in terms of visitors, the show’s organisers are satisfied, as Jacques Chazalet, the SOMMET’s President underscored: “With 95,000 visitors to the show in 2018, we …


Livestock Groups Petition Department of Transportation for Hours of Service Flexibility

Dan Cattle, Industry News Release, Livestock

Organizations representing livestock, bee, and fish haulers across the country submitted a petition to the Department of Transportation (DOT) requesting additional flexibility on Hours of Service (HOS) requirements. The petition asks for a five-year exemption from certain HOS requirements for livestock haulers and encourages DOT to work with the livestock industry to implement additional fatigue-management practices. Current rules limit drive time to …


NCBA Calls for Additional Flexibility on HOS Rule

Dan Cattle, Livestock

During a public listening session last week in Washington D.C., hosted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) called for additional flexibility on Hours of Service (HOS) rules for livestock haulers. NCBA Executive Director of Government Affairs Allison Rivera participated in the session. NCBA Calls for Additional Flexibility on HOS Rule


Celebrating National Cheese Curd Day

Dan Dairy, This Land of Ours

If you are searching for something a little different, Cathy Isom has us celebrating the comfort food with a reputation for being squeaky. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours. Celebrating National Cheese Curd Day Cheese curds are a delicious comfort food loved by kids and adults. They are unique, funky, snackable little pieces of yellow or white Wisconsin cheddar …

Weekly Livestock Market Report

Taylor Hillman Alabama, Cattle, Florida, Georgia

Here are the weekly livestock market reports for Alabama and Georgia, for the week ended October 12, 2018, compiled by the Livestock Market News Service for both states. Due to Hurricane Michael, the Florida Livestock Market report was not available this week. AL Livestock Market Report: At Alabama Livestock Auctions receipts at 21 markets totaled an estimated 14,700 head compared to …

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U.S. Beef Industry Responds to New Global Study

Abbey Taylor Beef, Cattle

The U.S. beef industry is responding to a new global study that says the planet won’t be able to sustain enough meat production to feed the more than 9-billion people expected by mid-century. 23 authors across the globe argue in the study that a dramatic change in dietary habits, including much less meat and more produce, will be needed to …