FCC to Discuss New OJ Ads

Randall Weiseman Citrus, Florida

The Florida Citrus Commission is set to meet next Wednesday, September 20th, and one topic of discussion will be new orange juice ads.  Report (2:00 wma)

Peanut Board Conducting Allergy Survey

Randall Weiseman Peanuts

How peanut allergy’s affect growers is a question that will hopefully be answered from a new survey. Tyron Spearman has this Report  (:38 wma)

Peanut Touring Truck Plans

Randall Weiseman Peanuts

Tyron Spearman has information about new plans for the Peanut Touring Truck.  Report (:36 wma)

U.S. Meat Trade Recovering

Randall Weiseman Beef, Cattle

It’s taking time, but figures show the U.S. Meat Trade is seing it’s pre-BSE levels starting to come back.  Report (1:00 wma)

Former Secretaries on Farm Policy

Cindy General

Three former Secretaries of Agriculture testified before the House Agriculture Committee Thursday on the major areas of importance for the next farm bill. Report (1:30 wma)