Grower Trials Reports 1, 2 & 3

Gary Citrus, Florida Leave a Comment

Word about this new Grower Trials website is getting around. For convenience sake find listed below three reports posted so far. Click on the titles below to go to the post containing that original story. From there you can click on the icons within the story to read the specific Grower Trial, and follow other instructions like clicking on the …

Scattered Fed Cattle Sales

Randall Cattle

So far there’s only been a few scattered fed cattle sales thus far this week, which actually surprises some in the industry.  Report (1:00 wma)

Low Production Causes Increase In Prices

Katherine Citrus

With an estimated 135 million boxes for this years orange crop, companies including PepsiCo Inc., and Coca Cola are having to increase prices. Although this is not good in the consumer’s eye, growers may have the best returns they’ve seen in years. Report (2:00 wma)

Alabama Organic Conference

Cindy General

Alabama vegetable and fruit growers interested in growing organically can get some production and marketing tips from horticulture experts and veteran organic farmers next Tuesday in Clanton at the fourth annual Organic Vegetable Production Conference. Registration is available on-line. Report (1:00 wma)

Bronson Campaigns For Biofuels

Cindy Florida, General

Now that Charles Bronson has been re-elected for another term as state agriculture commissioner he can continue his campaign to bring renewable fuels production to Florida. Report (1:30 wma) And Bronson says he is ready for 4 more years.  Report (1:00 wma)

Tommy Irvin Looks to Lame Duck for Disaster Aid

Cindy General, Georgia

Now that the elections are over, and Tommy Irvin has been re-elected to serve one more term as Georgia Agriculture Commissioner, he is looking forward to a lame duck session of Congress to get some disaster relief for the state’s producers. Report (1:00 wma) Irvin said he also is looking forward to continuing with his mission.  Report (1:00 wma)