AFT on Conservation

Cindy General

A House Agriculture Subcommittee last week took a look at USDA Farm Bill conservation programs. Among those who testified was Ralph Grossi, president of the American Farmland Trust.

More Problems Producers Have With Wildlife

Dan Agri View

This pest thrives on corn, wheat soybeans and much more, and lives in a small stream, pond or lake.  It is also found in just about every state.  Everett Griner tells us what this new pest is, and what we might be able to do about it, or not. Report (1:00 wma)

FL Citrus Growers In Brazil This Week

Gary Citrus, Florida, International

In this report, comments from UF Multi-County Citrus Extension Agent Steve Futch, who is heading up a trip of Florida growers to Brazil this week, about what the group will be focusing on while touring Brazilian citrus areas. Report (1:00 wma)

Florida Growers Have Global Tour Opportunities

Gary Citrus, Florida, International

Another report with some tour details from Greg Land, about the upcoming tour he’s working to put together for Florida growers who want to see the citrus industry in South Africa. For more information about joining the trip, call Land directly at 772-770-0297, or visit the website at “Citrus Safari”. Report (:59 wma)

Cattle on Feed Down

Dan Cattle

USDA National Agriculture Statistics Service released their monthly Cattle on Feed Report Friday afternoon, which shows a drop from last year.  Report (1:15 wma) USDA NASS

Dr Pete Timmer Retires from FL Citrus Research Center

Gary Citrus, Florida

Dr Pete Timmer was honored by colleagues and industry people in a special reception Friday at the Citrus Research & Education Center in Lake Alfred FL as part of the recognition of his retirement. For Southeast AgNet, Citrus Industry Magazine Editor Ernie Neff was there. Hear more about some of Timmer’s career accomplishments in Ernie’s report. Report (1:00 wma)