Citrus Commission Chrmn On ‘Free Rider’, SIC & JCILC

Gary Citrus, Florida

In the first report, Florida Citrus Commission Chairman Ben Albritton Jr discusses the “Free Rider” issue. in the second report his comments focus on what to do about recommendations made by the Special Industry Committee (SIC), including the suggestion that another group like the former Joint Citrus Industry Legislative Committee (JCILC) be formed. Report (2:00 mp3) Report (2:00 mp3) Sponsoring …

Registering Your Chicken House with Homeland Security

Dan Agri View

That loud squawk coming from the chicken house is not the hens, it is the chicken farmers.  Everett Griner tells us in this feature just what homeland security is now requiring the chicken farmers to do and what their requirements are for registering their farms with homeland security.  Everett also gives us what the different association leaders have said about …

Sunbelt Ag Expo Coming October 16-18

Randall General

A quick reminder that the annual Sunbelt Agricultural Exposition is just around the corner, as this years show will take place October 16th-18th in Moultrie, Georgia.   Report (:15 mp3)

GA NASS Preparing for Census Survey

Randall Georgia

USDA’s National Agriculture Statistics Service in Georgia is preparing for the 5-year census survey coming up later this year.  Report (1:00 mp3) USDA NASS

FL Fairs & Livestock Shows

Randall FL Commissioner Report, Florida

This week Florida Agriculture Commissioner Charles Bronson talks about the many upcoming fairs and livestock shows to be held across the state. Report (1:00 mp3) To view a chronological list of Florida fairs and livestock shows with links to information about each event, visit

Cotton Campaign Going Green

Randall Cotton

A new marketing awareness campaign is underway to show how cotton has actually become “greener” through the years. Report (1:00 mp3)