Freeze Could Stop Rust Cold

Cindy Field Crops

Researchers are looking at how the recent freeze in the southeast will affect cases of Asian Soybean Rust in 2008. Check for the latest rust outbreaks here. Report (1:00 mp3)

AL Beef on TV

Randall Alabama, Beef, Cattle

 Promoting beef takes place in many forms, including cooking it on TV. And in 2007, the Alabama Cattlemen’s Association did more of those than ever before reaching even more consumers.  Report (1:30 mp3)

FL Citrus Mutual CEO on Greening “Summit” and Urges Growers On Ag Census

Dan Citrus, Florida

Comments in these two reports from Florida Citrus Mutual CEO Mike Sparks.  In the first report, about the recent Greening Summit at USDA/APHIS near Washington DC.   Report (1:30 mp3) In the second report, Sparks emphasizes the importance of Florida citrus growers completing the Census of Agriculture questionnaires as soon as possible.  Report (1:00 mp3) This post sponsored by:  USDA NASS

Banning Junk Foods from Schools

Dan Agri View

This stands a better chance than the others because it is an amendment to the Farm Bill.  Everett Griner talks to us today about just what the children need, and, what they can survive without while at school.  Report (1:00 mp3)

Hog & Broiler Outlook

Randall Pork, Poultry

Some wonder what hog and poultry prices will be like in 2008, so one economist looks at the numbers for both commodities.  Report (1:00 mp3)

Farm Bill Has More For Specialty Crops

Dan Citrus, Florida, General, Vegetables

According to Florida Citrus Mutual Congressional Affairs Director Casey Welch, while both versions of the Farm Bill have a lot more in them for specialty crop support, the two versions get the dollars from very different places.  Hear Welch’s comments in this report.  Report (1:00 mp3) In the second report, Welch adds it may be a while yet before Congress …

A Good Year for Farmers

Dan Agri View

Everett Griner talks to us today about how good a year it really was and just what the actual costs was and will be.  Report (1:00 mp3)