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Agri View: Worldwide Food Costs

Dan Agri View

Everett Griner talks about food costs still rising worldwide in today’s Agri View.     It is generally about the middle of the year when our government’s annual Food Cost Report comes out. Food prices always go up. For many years were accustomed to increases of one and one-half to two percent annually. More recently it has been three and …

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Spring Picnic Market Basket

Dan This Land of Ours

Cathy Isom tells us why that Easter shopping receipt may have seemed a little less expensive this year. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.   Think your grocery bill seemed a little bit cheaper for your Easter spending this year. You’re not alone. According to the American Farm Bureau Federation’s Spring Picnic Market Basket Survey, we spent an …

Store Formats and Patterns in Household Grocery Purchases

Dan Industry News Release

by Richard Volpe, Annemarie Kuhns, and Ted Jaenicke USDA Economic Research Service What Is the Issue? Americans are buying more and more of their “food at home,” or groceries, from stores that are not conventional supermarkets. According to Nielsen Homescan data, U.S. households spent 80 percent of their grocery dollars at traditional supermarkets in 1999 but only 62 percent there …