Spring Picnic Market Basket

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spring picnic market basket
Cathy Isom tells us why that Easter shopping receipt may have seemed a little less expensive this year. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.


Think your grocery bill seemed a little bit cheaper for your Easter spending this year. You’re not alone. According to the American Farm Bureau Federation’s Spring Picnic Market Basket Survey, we spent an average of $3.25 less this year, then the year before. Every year, the American Farm Bureau asks shoppers in more than 30 states to complete a survey on 16 items – from dairy to poultry, beef, pork, chicken and cheese.

We saw a lot of the meat products, ham, bacon, steak and poultry products decline in price.

That’s John Newton, AFBF’s Director of Market Intelligence who says there was some items that may have cost a little more at the checkout

for white bread, salad mix, as well as whole milk. 

Egg prices saw the biggest drop in prices since bird flu impacted production in 20-14 and 15. This year, egg production expecting to hit the 100 billion mark.

I’m Cathy Isom…

Read more about the survey.

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