Ethanol Report on EPA Proposals and Deadlines

Dan Energy

The EPA proposal to allow year-round sales of E15, as well as reform the market for Renewable Identification Numbers (RINS), was announced last month, but the accelerated timeline for the rule means the comment period will be over Monday, April 29th. Reportedly some 25,000 comments have already been made, and Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) Senior Strategic Advisor Bob Dinneen, talks about that and the …


RFA: Early Evidence of Ethanol Demand Destruction

Dan Energy, Industry News Release

The Renewable Fuels Association says its found evidence that RIN waivers are destroying ethanol demand. The Environmental Protection Agency has been handing out hardship waivers “like candy,” according to refining executives. The waivers grant refiners a pass on RINs, the mechanism by which Renewable Fuel Standard compliance is tracked. Renewable Fuels Association executive vice president Geoff Cooper says the credits …


EPA Unresponsive to Letter on RIN Prices

Dan Energy, Industry News Release

The official position of the Environmental Protection Agency is that high-priced Renewable Identification Numbers do no significant harm to refiners. That position was made public most recently in November of last year. Grassley, along with a handful of other Senators, sent a letter to the EPA in January asking about the agency’s previous findings that RIN prices don’t affect the …


Cruz Proposal Could Harm Renewable Fuels

Dan Energy, Industry News Release

Texas Senator Ted Cruz made a recent proposal to cap the cost of Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs) as a way to control the cost for refiners that blend renewable fuels into the nation’s gasoline supply. A DTN report says capping the cost of RINs at ten cents each would basically all but eliminate the Renewable Fuels Standard mandate for biodiesel …