Coalition Challenges EPA on 2018 Refinery Waivers

Dan Biofuels/Energy, Industry News Release

(NAFB) — A coalition of renewable fuels and agricultural trade organizations filed a petition with the Washington, D.C., Court of Appeals on Tuesday. The petition challenges the process the Environmental Protection Agency uses to exempt certain unknown small refineries from their respective obligations under the Renewable Fuels Standard in 2018. The coalition includes American Coalition for Ethanol, Growth Energy, National …


Trump to Meet with Cabinet, Senators of Biofuels

Dan Energy, Industry News Release

President Trump has scheduled a meeting with Cabinet officials and key Senators to talk over potential changes to the nation’s biofuels policy. The Renewable Fuels Standard is coming under increasing attack after a bankrupt Pennsylvania refinery blamed its troubles on the regulation. The meeting comes as two of the more powerful lobbying groups, the oil and corn/ethanol industries, continue to …


Oil and Ethanol Supporters Get Together to Talk RFS

Dan Energy, Industry News Release

The White House is hoping to play mediator between the oil and ethanol industries as it brought together Wednesday (12/13/17) for a preliminary discussion on the Renewable Fuels Standard. Refiners say they can’t afford the RFS compliance costs. The biofuels industry insists it has to have the mandates in the RFS to keep expanding and growing biofuels. Senators Chuck Grassley, …

Letter Urges White House to Maintain Point of Obligation Under RFS

Dan Energy, Industry News Release

Sen. Chuck Grassley and Sen. Amy Klobuchar led 23 senators in a bipartisan letter urging President Trump to maintain the point of obligation under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) and deny proposed changes that would derail the current, successful program. The point of obligation designates who in the fuel supply chain is responsible for blending biofuels, and is a mechanism …