When and Where to Apply Provysol Fungicide in Peanuts

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The past couple of weeks we’ve talked about resistance issues in peanut fields, and how the new fungicide Provysol provides control of key diseases like leaf spot and rhizoctonia and provides suppression of white mold. But when should you apply it? That’s a question we asked BASF Technical Service Representative, Abraham Fulmer. Learn more about Provysol fungicide on the BASF website.

Provysol Can Help With Resistance Issues in Peanut Crops

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Resistance issues continues to be a major concern for many peanut growers going into this season. Abraham Fulmer, BASF Technical Service Representative, explains to Southeast AgNet’s Randall Weiseman why it has been such a problem the past few years. Provysol fungicide provides fast disease-stopping power to shield new growth and immediately deposits to inner leaf depots and provides residual protection as …

BASF Introduces Provysol Fungicide for Peanuts

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The 2021 peanut planting season is well underway, but still on the minds of many growers are the various issues they had to deal with last year, with leaf spot and white mold being two of those. BASF Technical Service Representative Abraham Fulmer told Southeast AgNet’s Randall Weiseman, this was an issue even in some very well rotated fields last year. Go …