Pandemic Eating Among the Food-Secure

Dan Florida, Industry News Release

(UF/IFAS) — During the first three months of the pandemic, food-secure people did not change their eating habits very much, although some of them turned a bit more to comfort foods, new University of Florida research shows. The study also serves as a cautionary tale for how people might want to eat in future pandemics. Jeanette Andrade and her doctoral …

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Pandemic Fuels some of 2020’s Most-Searched UF/IFAS Extension Information

Dan Coronavirus, Florida, Industry News Release

(UF/IFAS) — The coronavirus pandemic occupied space in everyone’s minds this year, prompting online searches about any variety of topics related to it. The year’s most popular UF/IFAS Extension EDIS publications were no exception, with two of the top 10 being brand-new documents related to food safety and the coronavirus. In all, the Electronic Data Information Source, which hosts peer-reviewed …


Farmer Plants Sunflowers as an Uplift During Pandemic

Dan Specialty Crops, This Land of Ours

How a Wisconsin farmer decided to cheer everyone up during the Pandemic. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours. Scott Thompson and his family have been farming for 70 years in Kenosha County, Wisconsin. They offer anyone visiting their farm to freely pick their own Strawberries in the summer.  And, pick raspberries and pumpkins in the fall. When the …