Farmer Plants Sunflowers as an Uplift During Pandemic

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How a Wisconsin farmer decided to cheer everyone up during the Pandemic. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.


Scott Thompson and his family have been farming for 70 years in Kenosha County, Wisconsin. They offer anyone visiting their farm to freely pick their own Strawberries in the summer.  And, pick raspberries and pumpkins in the fall.

When the corona virus hit, Thompson and his wife wanted to do something a little extra to help lift their customer’s spirits while adhering to social distancing rules. So, they decided to plant sunflowers. A lot of them. The farm now has more than 22 acres of flowers, seven of which haven’t even bloomed yet. For their efforts, it will produce nearly 2 million sunflowers.


Now anyone coming to Thompson Farms can enjoy and relax or have a picnic and wander the fields of gorgeous Sunflowers and other wildflowers.  Visitors can also take up to a dozen flowers home with them.

The Thompson’s really just wanted to put smiles on the faces of everyone who comes to visit.

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Farmer Plants Sunflowers as an Uplift During Pandemic