‘Got Milk?’: UF Experts Provide Facts, Tips for National Dairy Month

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“Milk Does a Body Good” is not just an advertising slogan. It’s a way to get people to drink the dairy product, because it offers so many nutrients, says a University of Florida expert. But first, cows must produce milk. As we celebrate June as National Dairy Month, some UF Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences experts tout the benefits …

National Dairy Month-UF Researchers Try to Make Sure Dairy Farmers Produce the Best

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Farmers and University of Florida researchers use genetics and other techniques to ensure consumers can pick from the best assortment of delicious, nutritious dairy products at the grocery store. Now that we’re in National Dairy Month, it’s a good time to appreciate the science-based innovations behind milk, cheese, and other favorite dairy products. UF Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences …


National Dairy Month a Reminder of Milk’s Nutrient-Packed Contribution to Our Diet

Dan Dairy, Florida, Industry News Release

A glass of milk packs a nutritious punch, a reminder of the importance of dairy in our diets as we enter National Dairy Month, a University of Florida nutrition expert said. “Basically, cow’s milk helps to meet nutrient needs, and some research suggests it may help to protect against some of the major chronic diseases,” said Gail Kauwell, a professor …