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Loveland Products Beat New EPA Requirements

Dan Environment, USDA-EPA

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is now requiring some new regulations for over-the-top applications of Dicamba. Ag Events Marketing Manager for Loveland Products, Eileen Bernard, says that includes drip reduction and volatility reduction agents. But Bernard notes that their new Delta Complete beats those new EPA requirements. Bernard said the product is available at Nutrien Ag Solutions or anywhere Dicamba is sold.


Give Back to Your Roots with Radiate

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Loveland Products offers a complete line of high performance input products, with a portfolio of seed treatment, plant nutrition, fertilizer, adjuvant and crop protection products. Larry Stauber, with Southeast Technical Services, says one of those products is Radiate. It’s a patented formulation to enhance early season vigor and drive maximum root growth. Give Back to Your Roots with Radiate It’s …