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FAA Sues Farmer Over Irrigation Rigs

Dan Georgia, Industry News Release

Federal authorities have filed a lawsuit against a Georgia farmer because they allege the farmer’s massive metal crop-irrigation rig is causing radio interference. An ABC News report says the irrigation unit is on a farm in south Georgia where the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has a radio tower that relays signals to keep aircraft on course. The lawsuit alleges that …

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Missouri to Challenge California Egg law in U.S. Supreme Court

Dan Industry News Release, Poultry

Missouri is leading 13 states to the U.S. Supreme Court to challenge a California law regarding egg production requirements. Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley announced this week the state would continue its challenge to the California law that requires out-of-state egg producers to comply with California’s farming regulations in order to sell eggs in California. The suit claims that California’s …


Insurer Suing ABC over BPI Settlement

Dan Beef, Industry News Release

AIG Specialty Insurance Co. is suing ABC News over its settlement with Beef Products Inc. regarding ABC’s “pink slime” reports. AIG Specialty Insurance is one of the insurers for ABC’s parent company, the Walk Disney Company. AIG is suing Disney over its insistence that its settlement with BPI, which cost Disney $177 million, after the amounts covered by insurance, is …

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Deere Wins Trademark Lawsuit

Dan Industry News Release

A U.S. District Court in Kentucky ruled in favor of Deere and Company in a trademark lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed by Deere to protect the use of the trademark green and yellow color combination on John Deere agricultural equipment. Following a one-week trial held in June, the court recently announced it had ruled in favor of Deere. The court …


EPA Ending “Sue and Settle”

Dan Environment, Industry News Release, Legislative

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt is touting a directive he signed this week to end the EPA’s so-called “sue and settle” strategy, a practice agriculture groups opposed. Pruitt issued an Agency-wide directive Monday to end the practice, a move he says means “the days of regulation through litigation are over.” Pruitt said the agency would “no longer go …


BPI Using Settlement Funds to Help Employees

Dan Beef, Industry News Release

Owners of Beef Products Inc. have established a $10 million fund to benefit former BPI employees impacted by plant closures. The fund will help employees who were laid off when sales dropped stemming from a series of reports about the company’s Lean Finely Textured Beef product broadcast by ABC News. BPI laid off roughly 750 employees and closed facilities in …


States Sue EPA to Prevent Insecticide Use

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A coalition of states has filed a legal challenge to a Trump administration decision to keep a widely used pesticide on the market in spite of studies that show it can harm the development of children’s brains. The coalition, led by New York, filed a motion to intervene in the legal battle over continued spraying of chlorpyrifos. The coalition says …


BPI Settles With ABC over Pink Slime Lawsuit

Dan Beef, Industry News Release

Beef Products Inc. and ABC News have reached a settlement in a lawsuit over ABC’s use of the term pink slime. Meat industry publication Meatingplace reports that no terms of the settlement have been disclosed, but BPI announced Wednesday morning that the company was “extraordinarily pleased” to have reached a settlement. ABC also released a statement, saying, “ABC has reached …