New Lantana Plants Protect Native Flora and Enhance Landscapes

Dan Florida, Industry News Release, Research

Home and property owners often enhance their landscapes with the beautiful lantana, but some of the plant’s varieties may escape yards, spread to areas where they shouldn’t go and cross-pollinate Florida’s native lantana. That’s why, in 2004, the head of the Tampa Bay Wholesale Growers Association asked University of Florida plant scientist Zhanao Deng if he could breed sterile, non-invasive …


Agri View: Another Invasive Plant

Dan Agri View

Everett Griner talks about another invasive plant in today’s Agri View. Everett talks about the Chinese Tallow Tree. this tree has leaves which are toxic. The problem is currently from Texas to Florida, and is choking out our native trees. Everett also discusses possible solutions to eliminate this invasive plant, and also ask a very important question. Another Invasive Plant …

Florida First Detectors Help ID Invasive Plant Pests Before They Spread

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Florida has the most invasive species of any state in the country, and half of the insects, reptiles, arachnids and crustaceans imported into the United States come through Florida ports, University of Florida experts say. So, UF/IFAS has teamed up with government agencies to create the Florida First Detectors program, which teaches the public how to identify these insects before …