Pretty Now, Pests Later-Invasive Plants

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Cathy Isom gets you into your garden by telling you what you should know about plants that may look pretty now, but could turn into be pests later. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Pretty Now, Pest Later-Invasive Plants

A little bit of buyer beware when shopping around for new garden plants to fill space or to feed your family. While they may look pretty at the garden store, they could be invasive and more work than they’re worth later. Especially those marketed as fast-growing, maintenance-free, or quick-spreading. Your best bet before heading out to the nursery is to know all you can about invasive plants and aggressive plants that can actually do more harm than good.

Invasive plants are those species that outcompete native varieties and rapidly grow out of control. They thrive against all the odds and are difficult to eradicate. While not technically invasive, aggressive growers multiply quickly but aren’t necessarily capable of overtaking your property and competing with native flora. Of course, not all impressive growers and easy-to-maintain plants will cause you trouble.

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