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Monroe County Removes Sediment in Florida Keys

Dan Florida, USDA-NRCS

After a hurricane, or other natural disasters, the¬†Emergency Watershed Protection Program (EWP) is there to help many landowners. A good example of that is work taking place in Monroe County, Florida. The Florida Keys took the brunt of Hurricane Irma back in 2017, filling the network of canals with debris and sediment along with widespread damage. But that debris has …

APHIS Releases Epidemiology Report on New World Screwworm in Florida Keys

Dan Cattle, Florida, Industry News Release, Livestock

APHIS is releasing an epidemiology report outlining its initial findings of New World Screwworm (NWS) in Key deer from the National Key Deer Refuge in Big Pine Key, Florida. APHIS initiated the investigation to determine the origin of the screwworm fly and try to understand how it may have been introduced. Although the investigation did not identify one specific pathway, …