Feral Swine in America

Feral Swine in America: USDA/APHIS Goes to Georgia

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The newest video in the ongoing series, Feral Swine in America: Episode 5- Georgia, takes us to peanut fields to hear about the invasive species’ impacts on this American staple crop. We also go to Cumberland Island to see how feral swine impact sea turtles and the collaborative efforts made to prevent nest damage. APHIS is offering this video series, which …


UF Researchers Use AI Datasets to Track Feral Pigs, Minimize Disease Risk

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University of Florida scientists are using artificial intelligence (AI) to track feral hogs’ reproduction and how they spread pathogens on Florida’s grazing lands. Feral pigs cost the agriculture industry at least $1.5 billion in damage, disease, and control costs around the United States annually. They run rampant on large swaths of grazing lands. The swine root in the soil and …

Feral Swine

APHIS Posts New Release in Feral Swine Video Series

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The newest video in the ongoing series, Feral Swine in America: Episode 3- Texas looks at the impacts feral swine have on cattle, sheep, and goat ranchers in Texas. APHIS is offering this video series, which chronicles the impact feral swine have on Americans’ livelihoods through damage to agricultural and natural resources, to increase public awareness. The National Feral Swine Damage Management Program was established …


Feral Swine Eradication Signup Continues


The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) wants to remind landowners about the Feral Swine Eradication and Control Pilot Program (FSCP). Signup continues until Aug. 19 for the program developed to respond to the threat feral swine pose to agriculture, native ecosystems, and human and animal health. The first round of pilot projects in the program …


APHIS Wildlife Services Conducts First Field Trial of Feral Swine Toxic Bait

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Plans Modifications to Mitigate Hazards to Non-Target Species USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) recently conducted the first of two field trials of a sodium nitrite toxic bait on free-roaming feral swine. Feral swine are an invasive species causing extensive and costly damage and disease threats to crops, property, native ecosystems, livestock health, and human health. Feral swine …

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Agri View: Feral Hog Problem Over?

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Everett Griner talks about what is being considered as the last measure to solve the Feral Hog problem in today’s Agri View. Feral Hog Problem Over? Well, the feral hog problem is over. Wouldn’t that be a marvelous headline across the country? But it isn’t. In fact, it gets worse. It is so bad until those trying to stop it …