So, You’ve Inherited a Farm, Now What?

Dan Economy, Education, Industry News Release

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension is sponsoring a series of seminars next week focusing on issues that involve inheriting farmland. The seminar is titled “So, You’ve Inherited a Farm, Now What?” and will provide information and education about farmland ownership.  Extension Educator Allan Vyhnalek  will be one of the presenters at the two and half hour seminar. Info Vyhnalek says …

Foreign Investment in U.S. Farmland Rising

Taylor Hillman Industry News Release

A Chinese firm made big news in 2013 by spending $4.7 billion to acquire U.S. processor Smithfield Foods. In that same deal, the company also acquired over 146,000 acres of U.S. farmland worth more $500 million. The group, now known as WH Group Limited, became one of the largest foreign owners of U.S. land. That purchase is part of a …


USDA NASS: Cropland Values Stable

Dan Industry News Release

An annual report by the Department of Agriculture shows cropland values have remained stable this year. The USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service’s Land Values 2017 Summary shows a slight increase in average farmland value, but cropland value remained unchanged from the previous year. The United States farm real estate value, a measurement of the value of all land and buildings …


Farmland Market Trend Hard to Define

Dan Industry News Release

The Farmers National Company recently released a semi-annual market update on farmland prices and it’s hard to nail down just what the trend is. A Pro Farmer report says the best description may be “steady, with exceptions.” The report says the reason trends are hard to figure out is some farmland sells at better prices than expected while other farmland …


Farmland Values Expected to Decline

Dan Industry News Release

Experts expect farmland values to decline as agriculture enters the projected fourth year of lower farm incomes. Agricultural real estate business Farmers National Company says agricultural land values in most areas can be expected to continue to gradually decline over the next several years if commodity prices and farm incomes remain at current low levels. However, despite anticipated additional declines …


Canada Farmland Values Up 10 Percent

Dan Industry News Release

Farm Credit Canada announced this week farmland prices in Canada increased 10 percent last year as the nation’s property boom is spreading to agriculture. A report by Farm Credit Canada found the average price of farmland across Canada increased 10.1 percent in 2016 as low-interest rates and strong crop income helped maintain demand. The 2016 increase, according to the report, …

Stats from Farms and Land in Farms Survey

Dan General

The total number of U.S. farms, and acres in farms, declined in 2016, per USDA’s yearly survey on such trends. Joe Parsons, with USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service, talks about the figures released last week in their annual look at the total number of farms, and land in U.S. farms, along with some of the trends from the 2016 survey.

Slump in Farmland Values Continues

Dan Industry News Release

By Cortney Cowley, Economist and Matt Clark, Assistant Economist FOURTH QUARTER 2016 Farmland values and cash rents declined moderately in the fourth quarter of 2016. Bankers across the Tenth District noted that persistent weakness in farm income continued to weigh on farmland values. Although most farmland purchases in the quarter were financed with new debt, the portion of new loans …