Some Ways to Increase Your Eggplant Harvest

Dan This Land of Ours, Vegetables

Some ways to increase your eggplant harvest. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.  There are many ways to increase your eggplant harvest and grow huge plants. Avoid planting your eggplant seedlings too early. These plants grow best when they’re in warm conditions. And since these plants have broad leaves, these seedlings grow quickly. One trick to speed up their growth …


Enza Zaden Field Day Features Watermelons and More

Dan Florida, Fruits, Research, Seeds, Vegetables

Growers and seed distributors had a field day Tuesday at the Enza Zaden seed breeding and field trials facility near Myakka City, Florida. The main attraction was the watermelon trials that include new varieties being tested and introduced into the market. Other trials added great flavor to the day’s tour and discussions, with multiple plots for bell peppers, mature green …