Dow-DuPont Merger Deal Closes

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The Dow-DuPont merger closed Thursday. The deal was worth $150 billion and several spin-off companies could be formed soon. The Des Moines Register reports the first spinoff could be a combination of Pioneer and Dow AgroSciences. The reason that spinoffs could be formed soon is Dow and DuPont are under pressure from investors to create several smaller companies, now that …

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Dow / DuPont Merger Gets Conditional Approval

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DuPont and Dow Chemical announced on Thursday that their proposed merger has been approved by the U.S. Department of Justice. Dow Chair and CEO Andrew Liveris says he’s very pleased the DOJ approved the transaction. “With today’s DOJ clearance, we’ve taken a significant step forward in bringing together these two iconic enterprises,” he says. Ed Breen, Chair and CEO of …


Dow/DuPont Merger Gets Conditional China Approval

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Dow and DuPont announced this week they’ve been given conditional regulatory merger approval the Ministry of Commerce of China. The approval is conditionally based on the companies fulfilling commitments that were given to the Ministry regarding the deal. The conditions for approval are similar to commitments the companies already made to get approval from the European Union Commission. For example, …