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Agri View: Avian Flu Detection

Dan Agri View, Poultry

Everett Griner talks about avian flu detected on the southeast coast in today’s Agri View. He discusses how it arrived and what is being done about it. Avian Flu Detection In the world of poultry production, avian flu is the two most dreaded words a poultry farmer can hear. Avian flu is transported to commercial flocks by migratory birds. And, …


South Korea Adopts New Poultry Import Policy

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The South Korean Ministry of Agriculture has adopted a new regionalization policy that is good news for the U.S. poultry and egg industry. The new policy prevents a countrywide ban on U.S. exports to Korea in the event of a future finding of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza. Should a case be found in the future, only exports from each affected …

Agri View: Avian Flu is Costly and Scary

Dan Agri View, Poultry

  Everett Griner talks about avian flu strikes in the U.S. once again in today’s Agri View.   You just mention the words avian bird flu and it sends a jolt through the veins of poultry farmers. There is 2 cases that have been reported in Tennessee this year. The affected area has been under quarantine. Nearly 75,000 chickens have …