Farmers, Ag Organizations Against EPA Proposal

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More than 16,000 farmers and agricultural organizations recently united against EPA’s proposed revision to its 2020 atrazine registration review decision. The farmers and agricultural organizations representing corn, citrus, grain sorghum, sugar cane, and other crops, submitted comments calling for the agency to base decisions on credible scientific evidence. Efforts to help farmers speak out against the proposal were coordinated by …


Battle over Atrazine Continues

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Late last month, the Environmental Protection Agency reopened the finalized reregistration of atrazine. The EPA proposes an extremely low ecological level of concern value for atrazine of just 3.4 parts per billion, down from the scientifically proven 15 parts per billion, according to Gary Marshall, Triazine Network Co-Chair and retired Missouri Corn Growers Association CEO. “In 2019, the EPA agreed …


Proposed Changes on Using Atrazine

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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released proposed changes to the agency’s September 2020 atrazine interim decision. The Scoop says the proposal includes five changes to atrazine labels to lower runoff from farm fields. The agency wants to prohibit application when soils are saturated or above field capacity. The proposal would also prohibit application within 48 hours of a forecasted rain …