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Asian Giant Hornets Arrive for Study and Preservation at ARS and Smithsonian Biorepository

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(USDA/ARS) — Five Asian giant hornets (Vespa mandarinia), from the first nest found in the United States, have taken a trip across the country to a Washington, D.C. area Agricultural Research Service (ARS) facility and the Smithsonian for study and preservation. ARS research entomologist Matt Buffington with the ARS Systematic Entomology Laboratory in Beltsville, Maryland, accepted delivery of the flash …

Plant Protection Today – Tracking the Elusive Asian Giant Hornet

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PPQ Shares Cutting-Edge Methods with State Partner By Greg Rosenthal (USDA/APHIS) — After weeks of searching, Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) entomologists–—with some cutting-edge methods from USDA’s Plant Protection and Quarantine (PPQ)–—have located and eradicated the first Asian giant hornet (AGH) nest ever found in the United States. For months, WSDA had been trying to find the nest they …

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USDA Lure Attracts Live Asian Giant Hornets, Helps Lead to Nest Discovery

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(USDA/ARS) — A scent lure designed by Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists to attract Asian giant hornets played a key role in the discovery of the first nest of these invasive insects in the United States. Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) entomologists have verified several finds of Asian giant hornets in Whatcom County since December 2019. They have been …