House and Senate Ag Leaders Release Farm Bill Versions

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Ag leaders in both the House and Senate release their versions of the farm bill. Our Sabrina Halvorson was in Washington D.C. for the announcements.

House and Senate ag leaders each released their plans, Wednesday, for the farm bill. During a special forum with Farm Broadcasters, House Committee on Agriculture Chairman Glenn “GT” Thompson (PA-15), said he plans to mark-up the bill this month.

“We’re going to do a markup on this farm bill on May 23rd in the House Act committee and it is, in its structure, it is a strong bipartisan bill,” he said.

Thompson also released the following statement after sharing a title-by-title overview of the bipartisan policies and priorities included in the 2024 farm bill.

“This bill is a product of an extensive and transparent process, which included soliciting feedback from members of both political parties, stakeholder input from across the nation, and some tough conversations. Each title of this farm bill reflects a commitment to the American farmer and viable pathways to funding those commitments and is equally responsive to the politics of the 118th Congress. The Committee on Agriculture will markup this bill on May 23, and I hope for unanimous support in this endeavor to bring stability to producers, protect our nation’s food security, and revitalize rural America.”

U.S. Senate Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry Committee Chairwoman Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) told broadcasters she’s counting on bipartisan support for the bill.

“We don’t get a farm bill done unless it’s bipartisan, period. I’ve been involved in six farm bills. This is the third one I’ve led in the Senate, and I know how to get these done. And I know that you do that by keeping the broad Farm bill coalition together, and that means commodities and conservationists and foresters, and environmentalists and nutrition folks and local governments and bioenergy. And I mean, it’s all of it,” she said. “So what we’re doing today is putting out not a framework. A bill. This is a bill.”

She said she’s serious about getting the bill done.

“I’m serious. My members are serious. You know that we’re stuck right now on some negotiations. I hope this helps free that because our farmers need the certainty of a five-year farm bill. I think rural communities need that as well,” she said. “So, we’re doing this within the context of three major goals: keeping farmers farming; keeping families fed; and keeping rural communities strong. That’s the framework that we are using.”

The 2018 Farm Bill is currently under a one-year extension that expires on September 30.

Sabrina Halvorson
National Correspondent / AgNet Media, Inc.

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