NAHMS Conducting Sheep Study in 2024

Will Jordan General


The USDA National Animal Health Monitoring System conducts a national sheep study approximately every 10 years, with the next one scheduled for next year. The Sheep 2024 Study will support industry groups and research efforts with new and valuable information on sheep health and management. The study consists of two phases and includes biological sampling and two questionnaires.

A random selection of almost 5,000 sheep operations located in specific states will be asked to participate. While participation is voluntary, it is important to obtain high quality data. The National Agricultural Statistics Service will contact selected participants in January and February 2024. Participants will be asked to provide their contact information to NAHMS in order to complete the second phase of the study, which begins in April 2024 and continues through July 2024.

Information from the study will help develop new treatments, controls and prevention mechanisms for sheep diseases. The results will also guide future research and education. Participants will not only represent themselves, but also the producers who were not selected for the study. Eligible operations will receive free testing for enteric microbes, gastrointestinal parasites and lameness pathogens.

If you don’t currently receive censuses or surveys from the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), click here to sign up. If NASS contacts you in January, please agree to complete the NAHMS Sheep 2024 Study.