The Climate of Agriculture: Interesting Funding Announcement Aimed at Livestock During COP28

Will Jordan General

beef market

The Bezos Earth Fund, backed by e-commerce billionaire Jeff Bezos, is investing $30 million toward “Making Livestock More Sustainable.” Working with Global Methane Hub’s Enteric Methane R+D Accelerator, the Bezos Earth Fund is investing in a range of innovations to reduce methane emissions from livestock by as much as 30% in the next 10-15 years.

Through an award process, the Bezos Earth Fund looks to support additional grants by providing funding to identify and develop low-methane feed, low-methane cattle breeding, and using a wearable sensor to measure cow methane emissions. The investment announcement was made in Dubai at COP28 as part of $57 million set aside for food-related grants.

The larger $57 million announcement is part of Bezos Earth Fund’s food portfolio aimed at developing low-cost virtual fencing promoting alternative proteins and encouraging plant-rich diets. Other projects include updating best livestock and agriculture practices and breeding next-generation low-methane cows.