Early 2023 Hog and Cattle Weights Lagged Behind 2022

Dan Beef, Cattle, Marketing, Pork

Live weights of both hogs and cattle ran below year-earlier weights for the early part of 2023. Hog live weights averaged 284.9 pounds through the week ending on July 8, 2023, compared to 287.3 pounds during the same time in 2022. That’s an average difference of over 2.4 pounds.

Lower weights this year are likely because of producer losses caused by high feed costs and low hog prices due to weaker pork demand. Live cattle weights averaged 1,370 pounds through May 20, 2023, 16.25 pounds less than weights over the same period last year.


Plus, lower weights are caused by other factors, including more heifers with lower weights in the slaughter mix due to ongoing drought conditions that discouraged the retention of heifers for breeding. Feedlot performance was likely affected by adverse weather conditions early in 2023, resulting in lower rates of gain.

(From the National Association of Farm Broadcasters)