CAB Launches New Direct-to-Consumer Program

Dan Beef, Cattle, Marketing


Certified Angus Beef (CAB) launched a brand-new Ranch to Table Program. That means Angus farmers and ranchers now have the option to market their beef directly to consumers as a CAB product.

Ranch to Table is a direct partnership program between CAB and cattle operations using Angus genetics that allows ranchers to use the brand’s trusted reputation for increased gain.

“This is another way for Angus ranchers to continue taking pride in and having equity in the brand by being able to hang brand standards on those cattle that ultimately qualify,” says Kara Lee, director of producer engagement for CAB.


To participate in the program, a producer’s cattle must incorporate registered Angus genetics, which may require American Angus Association active membership or proof of bull registrations. Producers must also be Beef Quality Assurance certified. As with any CAB product, the cattle must meet the brand’s live-animal evaluation with a predominantly solid-black hide.

(From the National Association of Farm Broadcasters)