Apples and Oranges Top U. S. Fruit Choices

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These are the top fruit choices in the United States. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Apples held the top spot for total fruit available for consumption in 2021 at more than 26 pounds per person after adjusting for losses. USDA’s Economic Research Service’s (ERS) loss-adjusted food availability data adjusts the data for food spoilage, plate waste, and other losses to more closely approximate actual consumption.

People in the United States consumed an average of 1.7 gallons of apple juice, roughly nine pounds of fresh apples, and a total of 3.1 pounds of canned, dried, and frozen apples in 2021. Among the top seven consumed fruits in 2021, apples were the only fruit in which data were available for all five forms, fresh, canned, frozen, dried, and juice.

Pineapples were the only other canned option among these seven fruits for which data were available, while strawberries were the only other frozen fruit. Bananas, at 13.2 pounds per person, topped the list of most popular fresh fruits, while orange juice, at 1.9 gallons, was the most popular fruit juice.

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Apples and Oranges Top U. S. Fruit Choices

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