USDA-NRCS in Georgia Announces Sign-up for Farmers Transitioning to Organic Production

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Courtesy NRCS

State Conservationist for the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) in Georgia, Terrance O. Rudolph, has announced a sign-up for the Organic Transition Initiative (OTI) through the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP).

This Georgia NRCS sign-up follows a recent national announcement detailing the USDA’s multi-agency approach to assist producers beginning or in the process of transitioning to achieve organic certification. Only those producers are eligible to apply for this sign-up. While NRCS accepts applications for conservation programs year-round, those interested should apply by June 15, 2023, to be eligible for this funding batch.

“Producers who are transitioning to organic production can take comfort in knowing the NRCS is here to help them through this process,” said Rudolph. “This multi-agency initiative is allowing us at USDA, to expand and improve our assistance by providing new tools and practices to those going down this road.”


The new organic management standard gives producers the flexibility to get the assistance and education needed, such as attending workshops or requesting help from organic production experts or mentors. It supports conservation activities and practices required for organic certification and may provide foregone income reimbursement for dips in production during the transition period.

Flexible education and training activities can include field days, working alongside organic experts and more. You can work with NRCS field staff, approved technical service providers, and other approved organic partners.

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