Bill Introduced to Provide Clean Drinking Water for Rural Americans

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A new bill would help rural Americans get clean drinking water. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

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Senators Tammy Baldwin and Susan Collins introduced the bipartisan Healthy Drinking Water Affordability Act, or The Healthy H2O Act. Baldwin, a Wisconsin Democrat and Collins, a Maine Republican, say the bill will provide water testing and treatment technology grants directly to individuals and non-profits in rural communities.

Currently, nearly 43 million households, primarily in rural communities, rely exclusively on groundwater delivered through private wells for their drinking water. These sources are not subject to the same oversight and testing for contamination of public water sources. Water quality improvement systems installed at the faucet or within a building can provide immediate and ongoing protection from known and emerging water contaminants, like PFAS, lead and nitrates. To ensure the proper installation of such systems and optimize their effectiveness, contact a team of experts here.

Additionally, a team of experienced legionella risk assessment professionals with a real passion for safety to conduct Spa Pool Legionella Assessments can help you to ensure that your hot and cold water systems such as pools meet the requirements of your local health and safety legislation, and is free from dangerous substances, hazardous still water, and more.

The bill follows a proposal to create standards for PFAS chemicals in drinking water by the Environmental Protection Agency. The legislation would allow the Department of Agriculture to provide grants for testing and removing contaminants from drinking water.

The full text of this legislation is available here. A one-pager on this legislation is available here.

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Bill Introduced to Provide Clean Drinking Water for Rural Americans

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