Crop Nutrition Week

Retailers “Moderately Optimistic” About Fall Fertilizer Sales

Dan Fertilizer

Sidedressing nitrogen on 24 rows of corn in one pass.
Photo by James Baltz on Unsplash

2022 has been a challenge for ag retailers and their customers due to supply shortages and high prices. Crop Life magazine says global uncertainty has affected key fertilizer sources like Russia, China, and Ukraine, adding even more stress to the marketplace last spring. Looking ahead to fall, the view of most ag retailers is mixed.

Steven Page of EDC Ag Products in Texas says, “We’re bullish on fertilizer sales this fall. Higher-than-expected commodity prices and falling fertilizer prices mean end users will be replacing nutrients in their soil.”


Matthew Taylor of Nutrien Ag Solutions in Colorado says he’s also optimistic. “Application season should be strong as long as there’s a good application window,” he says. “Continuing supply chain challenges and overseas events are still a drag on the industry, but overall, the fall application season should be good.”

Even less-than-positive retailers say their outlook could change with the right conditions.

(From the National Association of Farm Broadcasters)