Roundup of Some of the Nation’s Pollinators

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We wrap up National Pollinator week with a roundup of some of the nation’s pollinators. That’s today’s This Land of Ours.


Talk about pollinators often revolves around honeybees, which makes sense because they do the majority of the work, especially when it comes to commercial agriculture. But there are a number of other pollinators as well, and National Pollinator Week also celebrates them.

In addition to bees, there are bats, butterflies, birds, flies, beetles, moths, wasps, and small mammals that all help carry pollen from one plant to another. In fact, these insects and animals are responsible for pollinating somewhere between 75 and 95 percent of all the flowering plants on Earth, according to the Pollinator Partnership. However, they say pollinator populations are changing. Many pollinator populations are in decline and the biggest reason is a loss in feeding and nesting habitats. They say farmers and everyone else can help pollinators by planting habitat areas, with plants that help keep pollinators fed and healthy.

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Roundup of Some of the Nation’s Pollinators

Sabrina Halvorson
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