Iowa Confirms Avian Flu in Poultry Flock

Dan Avian Influenza, Poultry, USDA-APHIS


The Iowa Department of Agriculture and USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) this week confirmed a positive case of highly pathogenic avian influenza. The virus was found in a non-commercial, backyard poultry flock in Southwest Iowa.

The state’s Agriculture Secretary Mike Naig says, “We are working with USDA and other partners to implement our plans and protect the health of poultry flocks in Iowa.”


Whether commercial producers or backyard flock owners, all bird owners should practice good biosecurity, which USDA says is the best way to keep livestock healthy. HPAI is a highly contagious, viral disease affecting bird populations and can travel in wild birds without those birds appearing sick, but is often fatal to domestic bird populations.

Signs of HPAI include a sudden increase in bird deaths, lack of energy or appetite, and decreased egg production. If producers suspect signs of HPAI in their flocks, they should contact their veterinarian immediately.

(From the National Association of Farm Broadcasters)