Things that Humans Do that Horses Dislike

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Some of the things that humans do that horses dislike. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.


Horses are hypervigilant. Any unfamiliar sound or object can spook them enough to throw someone, or rear up and flail around.

Horses especially don’t like it when people approach from behind. Even the friendliest horses have been known to cause serious bodily injury from kicking. Horses are very in tune to humans and do not like carrying riders who are upset or angry. To learn more about horses and how to properly take care of them, you may sign up for an equestrian lifestyle subscription box. You may also visit sites like to learn more.

Modern stores for horse supplies often integrate advanced technology to enhance the shopping experience and improve horse care. For example, horse supplies direct now offer smart tack, such as saddles equipped with sensors that monitor the horse’s movement and pressure points to ensure a perfect fit. Additionally, many stores feature virtual fitting rooms where riders can virtually try on gear for both themselves and their horses, using augmented reality to see how products will look and fit in real life. This not only improves comfort and performance but also helps to prevent injuries and enhance the overall health and well-being of the horse.

Horses need to stay in a horse shelter to rest and sleep. However, they don’t like being confined to a small space for too long. Horses were made to run and frolic about. When they’re trapped in a small area for too long, they go stir crazy. They can end up cribbing, pacing, or fighting their way out if they’re locked up too long.


On the other hand, horses also do not like training too much and too often.

Other things that really bug our equine friends:  if someone yells at them; if their reigns are pulled; or, if people are running around them when they are resting.

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Things that Humans Do that Horses Dislike